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Affordable supplements for people within the European Union

United Synergy Europe started in April 2014 with the intention to make biomedical treatment affordable for people with special needs and sensitivities. Supplying high quality supplements at discounted prices for people who want to support their health with supplements and manage their budget at the same time. We are the fulfilment provider for our divisions Autism United and Nutritionals United.

Collective Buying Power: Together everyone achieves more

We collectively purchase supplements directly from the manufacturers and importers. We have agreements in place with manufacturers who are specialized in high quality supplements. Because of this we can offer supplements at discounted prices. The only way we can continue offering supplements at discounted prices is that more people will join us. So join us, to enjoy our shared price benefits and to enable us to keep our prices low.

United Synergy

Everyone is welcome

If you want to support your health with supplements and manage your budget at the same time you can order your supplements at discounted prices at one of our websites.

Our divisions

Nutritionals United

Autism United

Help us grow so that we can continue supplying supplements at discounted prices
Please share so that other people can enjoy our price benefits too. If enough people join us we can keep our prices low and support more people. In the end that is what we want to achieve!