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Hot Weather Instructions for Heat Sensitive Products (Probiotics)

The ice packs we include in the parcel reduce potency loss but are not designed to stay cold the entire shipment.  In warm weather, to ensure the highest potency of heat sensitive products, orders containing these products should be sent the fastest way possible. Therefore we advise to use Express shipping. We will honor your shipping choices and not automatically upgrade your shipping method (or change the day of dispatch to monday to prevent weekend delays) but we will not accept returns or refunds for products that arrives warm.

For products, that are shipped with ice and need to be refrigerated upon arrival, additional information is on our website. We advise you to read this info (you will find it on the picture "Keep Refrigerated") to help you make an informed choice about your shipping method for that heat sensitive product. 

Probiotic Tip:To avoid excessive shipping costs, consider ordering 3-4 months of probiotics to make it through the summer months.

Express shipping with UPS Express 

1 day delivery to almost all EU destinations

We advise to use this service for heat sensitive products (probiotics) during hot weather. In the following overview  you will find the DHL zone for your country. The prices shown in the below list are indications. In your shopping cart you have the option to calculate the shipping costs for the products in your cart.

Costs estimated online can sometimes vary from the ACTUAL costs. The exact costs will be determined when the order is packed. When the actual costs are higher, a hold will be placed on your order and an email will be sent requesting your authorization. 

Weight                               Zone 4                 Zone 41                  Zone 42         
0,0 < 1,0 KG € 22,99  € 28,99  € 29,99
1,0 <  2,0 KG € 26,99   € 32.99  € 33,99
2,0 <  3,0 KG € 27,99  € 35,99  € 36,99


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